Still life

Here's a still from the new What the Bleep movie, subtitled "Down the Rabbit Hole." I was interviewed for what seemed like forever (probably about 4 hours). I don't recall the details of what I said, which will make watching the movie more interesting for me.

So far, I've done about 30 interviews for television shows. This was my second movie-related appearance. The first was for a mini-feature on remote viewing, which can be found on the DVD of the movie Suspect Zero.


Dean Radin said…
I'm in the new version, "Down the Rabbit Hole," released in February 2006.
Hi Dean,

I heard you on Coast the other night with Michael Schermer. You did a great job! I was sorry to hear that Schermer had such a close minded attitude. He really is quite rude when you get right down to it.

Anyway, please carry on your work.
Dean Radin said…
Thanks. It's difficult to hold a serious debate when the opponent doesn't actually know anything about the topic. Hand-waving generalities and snickering don't lend themselves to rational discussion.
Not dealing with the data seems distinctly unscientific to me and yet these skeptics wear the mantle of Science as if they invented rational inquiry. But they don't follow its creed at all.

Where does Schermer and Randi get their funding from? Or is it part time thing for them to spread their own ideological view of reality to all and sundry. The thing is, they manage to get amazing exposure on all media. I read a study of CSICOP that told how it was originally created to test claims of the paranormal. that didn't last long so by the 1980s, it was mostly into public relations and denouncing (not bebunking) research that fell outside of its narrow paradigm.
Dean Radin said…
A good website on the nature and foibles of "organized skepticism" is Skeptical Investigations, located here:
Thanks Dean.

I'm reading your Conscious Universe now. you display genuine scientific curiosity -- wow, how unusual is that?! Kudos.

I would also be interested in obtaining your birth data for my research files. Feel free to contact me at
Just checked out the skepticalinvestigations site. Just what the doctored order. Thanks again. I'm trying to narrow down my dissertation topic on the sociology of proto-science and having this site is a big help.

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