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I was on the Oprah Winfrey show today. The topic was mediumship. I provided a few words on what science has to offer about "the sixth sense." Oprah will have a follow-up show on the same topic later in the month, and I might be on that one too.

On March 8 at 10PM/9C on the A&E Network I'll be on a special program about premonitions. A&E's description of the show:
Everyone has dreamt that somebody they love has died. Most of the time, we wake up in horror, only to realize that it was only a dream...But what if it wasn't – What if your dream foretold real tragedy? How would you know that it was really going to happen? Could you do anything to stop it? Cutting-edge research now suggests we may all have the ability to predict what is about to occur. Premonition... precognitive dreams...presentiment...These phenomena might not be a matter of faith, myth, or just making a lucky guess. Premonition will explore extraordinary cases of real people who have had their dreams and nightmares come true.


~C4Chaos said…
hi Dean,

yeah, saw you on the program. very cool. i like how you said that physics can now describe metaphysics. or something like that :)

i wish you were sitting on the couch though ;)

looking forward to see you again in the program.

Dean Radin said…
Mark Szlazak said...
Well, I have one very important question to ask. I'm now in real estate doing mortgages and refinances. So do any of these ghosts need a mortgage loan or refi?

Good question. One of the reasons ghosts are often perceived as frightening is because they are indeed quite angry. Their mortgage rates are too high but they're having trouble getting a refi because extracorporeal credit ratings are notoriously poor. These unfortunates bitterly complain that now that they're dead, they've stopped receiving their credit card and utility bills, so they haven't paid them, but then this reflects badly on their credit. And so they're stuck in limbo.

Mark, perhaps you can devise new, specialized mortgages for the recently deceased? It could be a big opportunity for the burgeoning exanimate virtual estate market.
Tor said…
It's nice to see that you are actually being called in as an expert Dr. Radin!

About the premonition program:
From A&E's description it does seem like this is a positive spin type of show, which is good. I just hope they don't start focusing on some rambling uninformed skeptic.

I remember watching a BBC produced documentary on NDEs in 2001 (the one they made as a result a dutch NDE study published in the Lancet). I had anticipated a debunking documentary (I didn't know about the research then), and was extremely surprised the phenomenon was taken seriously.
The documentary even suggested that NDEs might hint at some kind of after death existence. And they stressed that it was all based on scientific research.

I hope A&E will do the same quality work.

the rube said…
shades of slaughter house 5.

although it is thought of a commentary on the futility of war, i think the underlying comments on the concept of time are the core of the novel.
Surprised & delighted to see you on the Oprah show and hope to see/hear you there as a featured speaker once the groundwork has been laid. I know a little of your work because I've used your book The Conscious Universe as research for my novel that explores the 'supernatual' from several perspectives, one being the scientific support for psychic phenomenon. I haven't seen her show in quite a while but was home with a cold and decided to take a look. Aha! Interconnectivity!
Best Regards, Jacqueline
amperro said…
Is there anyway for ordinary people to support parapsychology? Such as contributing money to research?
Dean Radin said…
amperro said...
Is there anyway for ordinary people to support parapsychology? Such as contributing money to research?

One way is to become a member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (, where I work. IONS is one of three institutions in the United States with an active psi research laboratory. IONS was founded by the Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, some 34 years ago. The other two labs are at the University of Virginia and the University of Arizona.

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