Sunday, March 18, 2007

Opportunity: PhD with a focus on parapsychology from a major university

Lund University Seeks Psychology Graduates -- Friday, March 16, 2007

The Center for Research on Consciousness and Anomalous Psychology (CERCAP), under the direction of Etzel Cardeña PhD, encourages very bright psychology graduates interested in anomalous psychology (including psi) to apply to do a Ph.D. in psychology at the University of Lund, Sweden (ranked by Newsweek as one of the top 20 universities in Europe). Selection is very competitive but the top 2-3 students accepted into the department get free tuition and payment; about 3 others will get free tuition but will have to pay their way otherwise. The studies can be done in English. The application deadline (which requires a plan of studies) is April 15th. If you still have questions after reading the information linked below, please contact Prof. Cardeña.

See Annalisa Ventola's blog for more. I recommend her blog for more information on parapsychology in general, and of course the websites of the Parapsychological Association and the Parapsychology Foundation.


Robin said...

dr radin

I recently read two surprising articles in popular magazines featuring you. Firstly was a mostly posative review of some parapsychology work in a british science magazine called "focus" it talked about brain scans and telepathy ,they reccommended your book at the end. Secondly i read a review of your book in the fortean times (a year late though, strange) it was a cold review that claimed your theories on quantum phenomena and psi being linked was unfounded, because quantum phenomena dont carry information or something. did you know about these two reviews? I dont know who did the fortean times review but its strange that the magazines are this way, I would expect these reports to be the other way round.

Dean Radin said...

I haven't read those reviews, although I do recall speaking to someone from a Focus magazine a few months ago.

BTW, today I spent all day with a crew doing a show for BBC's Horizon science program. Tomorrow I will spend time with a National Public Radio producer. Yesterday I talked to a producer from ABC's Good Morning America. This sort of interest from the media seems to come in waves.

Tor said...

BBC's Horizon? That's interesting.. I hope you're guaranteed a fair treatment Dean?

Dave Smith said...

Dean Said

BTW, today I spent all day with a crew doing a show for BBC's Horizon science program.

Do you have any info on when this will be shown? What was the context of your input?

Robin said...

Well if you could , could you read the review and give your comments, because I think there are some mistakes in there that people need to know about, I would post them myself but I am a philosophy, I mean he claims that it is impossible for quantum systems to transmit information, doesnt that mean that the idea of a quantum computer wouldnt work? if it is so immpossible then why are so many companies spend so much on trying to develope these quantum computers?

Dean Radin said...

"guaranteed a fair treatment..."

There are no guarantees when working with the media, but I've seen this director's previous work for Horizon and it was quite good. This show is about the science of decision-making. I talked about the possibility that presentiment offers another "channel" of information which figures into how we make decisions, namely unconscious information that leaks backwards in time from our near-term future. I don't know when the show will be aired. Later in the year I imagine.

Dean Radin said...

Robin said...
Well if you could , could you read the review and give your comments,

Are they available on the web?

Robin said...

Im not sure, but I can look, try going to the fortean times website. Im sure if you emailed them they would send you a version since you are the author. if not i will read it and put in the gist of the problems for you.

Wow cool horison, will there be anything to do with your psi work in there? I will have to watch out for that.

David Bailey said...


That Focus article was indeed very positive about PSI, and mentioned some new work showing brain wave correlations between pairs of people that were physically separated but trying to engage in ESP. The article seemed to imply that even the skeptics were having a tough time refuting the results. It would be great to hear more about these experiments on this blog.

Book Surgeon said...

I've spent the day in skepticville thanks to some links sent to me by some skeptic friends. I made the mistake of clicking and reading and it always gets my dander up. The usual defenses rise up: woo-woo types accuse us of being closed-minded, they don't embrace true science, etc. I should really ignore those sites and stories because they always make me angry and at the same time despairing that the paranormal will ever get a fair hearing and the research resources it deserves. If we were talking about something that was not freighted with the baggage of religion, magic and mysticism, it would have been accepted long ago.

The differences between the dialogue on sites like this one and on the skeptic sites (especially the forums) always remind me of the difference I see in communication between liberals and conservatives online. On one side you have liberals/paranormal supporters being rational, open-minded, respectful and charitable in listening to the ideas of others (at least much of the time). On the other, you have neocons/pseudoskeptics being belligerent, hateful, contemptuous and ignorant, sure of their own ideas without any look at the evidence. I doubt that will change.

By the way, I've searched far and wide and could find no Fortean Times review of the book. Are you sure it was in that pub?

Dean Radin said...

Book Surgeon said: The differences between the dialogue on sites like this one and on the skeptic sites ...

It helps that this is a blog, not a public forum, and that it's moderated. I belong to several private email discussion lists that I regard as extremely valuable, but I don't participate in any of the public forums. Public discussions on any controversial topic, where the forum participants can anonymously range from school kids to professors, are a genuine waste of time.

Robin said...

The review i think is only in the actual magazine, it is alongside a review of mary jones book "psience" presumable because they both mention quantum physics in the title. Dr Radins book is given its due in some ways. The reviewer claims that Dr Radin is earnest in his search for psi and a link between it and quantum phenomena, and that he researches well but claims that psi has yet been to proved and looking for mechanisms concerning it is a waste of time. He also claims that it is a bad idea as quantum phenomena seem to be unable to transmit information so that rules out it as a mechanism for psi, however I questioned this because arent new quantum effects still to be discovered and indeed isnt information transfer the goal of a quantum computer?

The reviewer rips into marie jones book because it is less cautious than Dr Radin in its claims after that. There was also a spotlight on PK in the magazine that was an awfull peice of journalism. mostly about uri geller, no mention of PEAR, Brian Josephson, Helmut schmidt or any random number generator experiments, it just shows that uri geller was a fraud and a russian lady who moved stuff was actually useing static (i think her name was vinogridova or something) as for kulagina they mention her effect and that fraud was never found then just completly ingores it. Fortean times has let in too many pseudo skeptics it seems.

As for skeptic forums, ask them if they know any psychic researchers or figures other than Uri geller and skeptics like Wiseman and Randi, they will doubtlessly say they dont need to look, to see its all rubbish, how convienient, they seem to almost psychicly know it is all rubbish. Just ignore them they are angry young men who think they need to educate the masses about the reality of real science, yea all those physics proffesors, nobel laureates, electrical engineers and
biologists dont know what they are talking about, they the recent high school graduates know the truth.

Aaaaaah well, at least the focus review and Dr radins study getting alot of attention bode well. Also recently I read an interesting review of a Rspk case in a british newspaper, the article is online if you are interested here
it claimed that there were too many strange goings on for it all to be a hoax, and the fact that their are so many similar cases, in so many cultures, in so many places, through out history that they cannot all be hoaxes. Open mindedness? from a broadsheet news paper? It also claims that one of the rspk researchers is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, one Dr Brian Fontana , this gives me hope. Sorry to foist this on you guys but I am extremely interested in RSPK phenomena and think more research is warrented into it. Scientificly minded parapsychologists are great and are making parapsychology more respected everyday, I cannot count the amount of times Dr Radins books have set my mind at rest about the reality of psi phenomena and its effects. However I think the world of parapsychology still need its William G Rolls, Guy lyon Playfairs,D Scott Rogos, Hans Benders and Nandor Fodors.

Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in precognition, so I enjoyed your Horizon piece and will read this blog with interest.