The levitating pillow

I often receive stories of psychic experiences. Occasionally I ask the poster if I may repost the story here. (I change names and identifying places upon request, as I did in this post.)

I enjoyed reading Entangled Minds, and I've been perusing older posts on your blog. I just read the "Entangled Artists" entry from May 22, 2006 - the coincidental similarity of Teka Luttrell's art and the Shift cover, and I want to share a similar story with you.

When I was around 18 (many years ago!), I discovered the music and lyrics of an artist who became a mentor of sorts to me, in that his music opened my mind to expanded consciousness and spirituality - and the beginning of psi experiences for me, which I'm certain is no coincidence! This person was then (still is) very spiritual, very creative, and living on the West Coast at the time. While I was in college, one night before I went to bed, I'd been focusing very intently on this mentor, meditating to his music with headphones, which put me into a much higher/altered state of consciousness. I was fairly "buzzing" to put it mildly, vibrating at a high frequency. That night I had a lucid dream that I sat up on the bed, held my hand over my pillow and made it levitate. It was so vivid, so real that after I (my body) woke up I wondered if I'd truly just levitated the pillow in my sleep (as in sleepwalking)! I'd never had any such levitation experience - I certainly had never tried levitation in waking life or had any interest in the concept - and I've never had any such experience since then. So I forgot about it.

About 15 years later, I was having dinner with a mutual friend/colleague of my mentor. This dinner partner brought up my mentor, and seemingly out of nowhere, he recalled how years ago this guy (my mentor) "was into levitating pillows." My face went positively ashen and I was trembling; my friend saw this and asked what was wrong. I asked him, "When was this?" He said it was in the late 1970s, around 78-79 - exactly the year in college I'd had my levitating pillow lucid dream! Back then (in college) I never knew my mentor had practiced/concentrated on levitating pillows as a hobby (also, being a very private, somewhat shy person, it's not something he would have broadcast or made public) and at that point I did not know anyone who knew him. I had never, ever in 15 years associated the "dream" of levitating the pillow with my mentor - but now it makes perfect sense. I'd been very "tuned in" to him prior to going to sleep; I have no way to prove it, but perhaps that very night while I was sleeping in my dorm room, my mentor was attempting to levitate a pillow (maybe he succeeded!).... It's just too bizarre, too specific to be a mere coincidence. I can see no other explanation for it - a case of entangled minds, some sort of quantum entanglement occurring. One thing's for certain, upon hearing this story, this dinner partner had no doubt at all that my mentor and I had some strange psychic connection.

Anyway, it took 15 years to connect the bizarre levitating pillow experience to my mentor, and another 10 years to understand the possible cause - it was worth the wait! I thought this story might be of interest to you and had to share.


Kunal Kathuria said…
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David Bailey said…
That was a fascinating account - which I almost did not read because the title sounded a bit daft!

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