Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Report from Portugal

I just spent a week in Porto, Portugal, at the 7th biannual symposium of the Bial Foundation. This unique Foundation is supporting perhaps 80% of the world's experimental psi research, and it also supports mainstream studies in psychophysiology and the neurosciences. The symposium brings together researchers from all these domains, and the three-day conference is unusually eclectic and interesting. This one was no different -- the theme was emotion, and there were some very interesting presentations about the neuroscience, cognitive and social science of emotions, as well as a half day of talks on psi and emotion.

I discovered at the meeting that the Portuguese translation of Entangled Minds was published last year, so I bought a copy. I'll post more about this meeting, perhaps including some pictures and videos I took in Portugal, when I return home. (I'm writing this from Dulles airport near Washington DC, waiting for a flight.)


Fifi said...

You lucky bum, that sounds like fun! And in Portugal? Okay, color me jealous!
Okay, I think I must now resort to getting on my knees and begging, because I must see the pictures and the video!

Quim said...

Hi Dean,

My name is Joaquim and I am from Portugal.
I have followed your investigations with great interest. I had already bought your book Entangled Minds last year via Amazon. This year i bought the portuguese translation, whitch is very good.
Here in Portugal there are many people interested in investigations on PSI, but i think (and maybe i´m wrong) much of the scientific community is dominated by reductionist materialist sceptics who don´t see with good eyes these issues. The press gave little coverage to the event in Oporto, but i saw you on one of the main tv channels. I know for a long time that the Bial Foundation supports this type of research.

I have put some of your interviews and texts on my blog (in Portuguese - www.vislumbresdaoutramargem.blogspot.com).

Continue with your good work.
Thank you for coming to Portugal.


Blue Mystic said...

Videos would be great!

Pramod said...

Wating to hear more on this, video will be great.