Lecture on the Global Consciousness Project

This is an excellent introduction to the Global Consciousness Project by physicist Peter Bancel. It's part of a 5-part series of videos.


Anonymous said…
Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:
Anonymous said…
These films remind me of my perennial question with "intention/attention" experiments. Namely: I would like to have a unit of measurement for psi talent, call it a "thaum."

The research has shown that the average run-of-the-mill person off the street can produce very small, but detectable, effects. Let's say the average person has one "thaum" of psi-talent. GCP shows that the cumulative total of very small effects is a bigger effect. I would like to measure GCP effects in thaums.

The "intentional chocolate" experiments show that experienced meditators can produce big effects.
It would be great to have a reading on the individual talents -- perhaps the shaman drumming over the chocolate had a personal force of fourteen thaums, but another meditator was exerting twenty thaums.

However - I myself am not a profound meditator. I do not have a training program that can mass-produce effective meditators. I would *like* to have some very effective training system so that I could run volunteers through a "boot camp" and make them into effective psi demonstrators. (The ping pong ball and white noise generators used in remote viewing seem to one method that's appropriate for secularly-minded Westerners.) Ideally, one could test subjects before boot camp at one thaum and then measure graduates at five or six thaums.
David Bailey said…
Can we get at the other four videos - it finished just as it was getting interesting!
Dean Radin said…
See FB's post with the other URLs above, or just expand the GCP channel info on the YouTube page and you'll find the other parts.

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