Quantum theory of reincarnation

On movie critic Roger Ebert's blog. A thoughtful essay.


nycjeff said…
I think its ROGER Ebert
Keith Augustine said…
I think that most of your readers will be disappointed to discover that Ebert does not advocate Ian Stevenson-style reincarnation, but the Wallace McRae-style "reincarnation" that atheists have suspected all along: that death ends personal existence.

Anonymous said…
I am sorry to say I do not think very highly of the Ebert essay.

On the bright side, I did find an afterlife book of which I *do* think highly, at:


Personal Experiences of a Catholic Priest"
Leo MacDonald said…

Have you ever heard of quantum immortality theory? It says the our consciousness continues in these other parellel universes, so consciousness never ceases to exist.
muzuzuzus said…
From what I understand I have learnt we have the authentic mythology and its toxic mimic.
The authentic mythology is coming from the pre-patriarchal pre-warrior form of mythology which was poetry, song, and informed by direct experience of reality aided with fruits of the Goddess/psychedelics etc

Pre-Orphic cult of Dionsyos also was some of last vestige of the real Goddess religion of the earth before Orphism influenced Christianity, and itself was influenced by the Upanishads which were all world-denying, and death becomes divorced for the Mystery of non-linear process, or birth, death, regeneration

Where we went in physical death was back to the Mother, the Womb, Chaos, and from which all energy rest and is transformed. THAt is the Mystery, but it beomes distorted with the Easter psychophysical dualistic philosophies to mean karma, and the progression to escape from this process

With the Abrahamic belief systems they also seek forms of escape, and of putting'nature'right in-the-future, which reflects their linear-time toxic mimic myth

IF we can understand this Mystery, as it IS, and not trying to SOLVE 'it'--as is usually thought of when trying to 'unravel A mystery' then we will see the VITAL need to respect wearth and all species because this IS our home. This IS US!
Anonymous said…
Ebert:"We will be back, but a precious lot of good it will do us, because we won't know it. So, yes, reincarnation is possible from a rationalist, scientific point of view. We have been and will be reincarnated as part of the vast store of everything there is. We will be suns, moon, stars, rain. Look for us in the weather reports."

muzuzuzus:"Nature it is now officially 'scientifically believed ‘ to be reduced to particles, chemicals, and genes, and is ‘dead’, having no deep meaningful mysterious sense. In this soulless ‘Wasteland’, instead of the dread of the ‘Devil’ we have the dread of ‘mental illness’ (Szasz/The Manufacture of Madness).

In this ‘brave new world’ there exists a great fear of visionary experiences, non-conformity, and not being accepted as ‘normal’ by this soul-lost culture, which is itself insane and intent on blindly and unfeelingly destroying the very Web of Life."


I think muzuzuzus has part of the story - i.e. that reductionists are terrified of visionary experience.

The other side of the story, IMHO, is that reductionists seem to be terrified of their own consciousness. Not only are they not at ease in their own skins, they are not at ease in their own minds.
dawnow said…
I'm not impressed. This is mainly word-spinning. He says "We, ourselves, consist entirely in and of this material. Our identities, our names, our personalities, our beliefs, opinions, senses of humor--indeed, what we think of as our minds. We consist of one-dimensional bits of the cosmic total."

This notion has the same problem as all of the materialist theories of mind. Consciousness is simply assumed to be one and the same as things, material or one dimensional strings, or whatever.

But the two are of fundamentally different natures. This is Chalmer's "hard problem", and Ebert comes no closer to a solution, an understanding of the ultimate nature of consciousness, than anybody else.
MrEvidential said…
Dr. Radin, are you aware of the presentiment study conducted by Chris French and Louie Savva? It's not on the Public Parapsychology blog entry about presentiment or on your previous presentiment blog entry comment section. The paper was presented at the The 25th International Conference of the Society for Psychical Research. The abstract is on this page:


Savva, L., & French, C.C. (2001). Evolution and psi: Investigating the presentiment effect as an adapted behaviour. Society for Psychical Research 25th International Conference, Clare College, Cambridge, 14-16 September 2001.

Unfortunately, neither of the two experiments produced statistically significant results (this is particularly saddening because the experimenters are skeptics of psi). Their first experiment, however, showed some possible hints of an effect:

"The results of study one were possibly suggestive of a paranormal effect. While the planned statistical tests produced a non-significant but suggestive result, the post-hoc tests did produce a significant result, although in the opposite direction to that expected."

The results of their second experiment were "wholly negative."

I'd really like to see some more skeptics attempt to replicate this effect.
Dean Radin said…
Thanks, I was not aware of that study. And I agree, it would be great to see many more replications.

I don't agree, however, about the implication that studies by "skeptics" would or should carry more evidential weight. I am certainly a skeptic in the sense of thinking critically about what I do and what I'm prepared to believe, as are my colleagues who have conducted these studies. Indeed, anyone claiming to be doing science has to be skeptical.

Dick Bierman and Ed May in particular were both extremely skeptical of my initial results, and yet they were able to significantly replicate them.

So the distinction I imagine you're drawing is not skepticism per se, but rather a priori openness to the possibility that a phenomenon might exist. That description would fit me, and it is not incompatible with also being skeptical.
Unknown said…
The crucial difference between (pseudo) "skeptics" and parapsychologists is that the former reject psi altogether, while people like Ed May at least already accept psi - though they may be skeptical of various experimental approaches to the phenomena.
antiskeptic said…
I think that we have to give this word "skeptic" a rest. I think that they won. The skeptic movement has successfully corrupted the word to the point that it no longer means what it originally meant. We should use another word if we want to talk about the original definition of the word "skeptic." Anymore, "skeptic" just means disbelief. I think that we should start replacing the word "pseudoskeptic" with the word "skeptic." Let's start trashing the word "skeptic" (and the skeptic movement along with it) in the same way that we trash the word "pseudoskeptic" now. It will be more helpful to our cause (and harmful to the skeptic movement) to trash the word "skeptic."
Tor said…
Dean Radin said:
So the distinction I imagine you're drawing is not skepticism per se, but rather a priori openness to the possibility that a phenomenon might exist.

It all gets more complicated because of the tricky nature of psi and the mind. Like discussed before in journals and here on this blog, the experimental effect makes any "objective" experiment hard to achieve, and thus many extremely skeptical scientists would destroy the very effect that they are trying to study. But this is a point most of them just wont consider or take seriously.

Tor said…
Tor said:

Like discussed before in journals and here on this blog, the experimental effect makes any "objective" experiment hard to achieve

Just to point out my own typo, it's supposed to be Experimenter effect, not experimental effect :)

Unknown said…
""Unaccomplished activities of past lives are also one of the causes
for reincarnation. Some of us reincarnate to complete the unfinished
tasks of previous birth. The is evident from my own story of
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I have also discovered the mathematical expression for emotional
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Austrian Scientist Rudolf Steiner says,
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brought into the general consciousness of humanity".

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