The Symphony of Time - 2011 Science and Nonduality Conference

Video by Maurizio and Zaya Benazzo of Neti Neti Media.


Tor said…
I actually think this one was pretty cool!

How does it feel to be Auto-Tuned Dean? Does the scientific part rejoice while the musician in you is horrified? ;)

Dean Radin said…
Both the scientist and the musician are delighted!
Alex Dalton said…
Interesting production, but I think philosophers of time have a much better grasp of this subject than alot of scientists, and especially moreso than a guy sitting in his Buddha pajamas in the grass in his backyard. Not sure how much value people sitting around saying "time is just a concept" has. There are very complex arguments for/against the A-theory and B-theory of time. To someone who has actually studied the philosophy of time, a clip like this is amateurish to say the least.
Alan said…
Hi Dean. Wonderful music, haven't heard anything quite like this. Inspired me to comment here!

There's an interesting article over at FQXi on future events reaching back to to shape the present.

I'm just interested on the link between this and Prof. Daryl Bem's paper on presentiment.
For Bem's experiments it's the mind reaching back, and that's a real measurement - then is that one specific data set in this whole vast "reaching back" effect in the universe at large? Is it proof?
It almost seems the universe is mind-like itself, as quantum theory sort of implies (information-based) and also self-sustaining, if Paul Davies is right.

Actually there is a conference on "time" going on now, sponsored by FQXi at:

The Symphony of Time should be the opening theme!
Paul Davies is there as well as Prof. Bernard Carr. Perhaps he may discuss this idea as he has a great interest in both your field and of course is a cosmologist. Just a few thoughts.
kalpita said…
Its a great piece of symphony. It really takes you through time.
I am a graduate student working in the field of neuroscience. I would love to go through more of these creative productions and know more about the philosophy.
Rosemary Breen said…
Great video.

Slightly off topic but...... I need help.

Who can tell me where I can read about what exists in the life beyond death?

Specifically, is it more of the same; do we perfect our life skills; do we hang around and wait and wait and wait?

Im looking for documented discussion on life beyond life.

Any helpers?


Rosemary Breen
francisco.j.93 said…
Dean! It's been a long time since I wrote here. I enjoyed the music and I never imagined u singing. While I know this was made by a computer program, it gives me a taste of how would you sound like if you gave your best to singing. I want to tell u that I am on college right now and I remember you mentioned that many college professors were interested in psi. Last week I visited my UNIV studies teacher and we talked about several things and she showed me a magazine related to meditation. I wonder how many professors happen to be interested on it.
Dean Radin said…
> Im looking for documented discussion on life beyond life.

There is a huge literature on NDEs and other after-death subjective experiences. There is a smaller but more objective literature on experimental tests of mediumship. But of course no living person knows for sure what, if anything, may persist after bodily death.
anonymous said…
Rosemary Breen asked: "Who can tell me where I can read about what exists in the life beyond death?"

I'm not aware of any scientific studies of the afterlife but, for those who might be interested, there has been a lot written by mediums....

Scroll down to the section on "Future Life in the Spirit World"

For example ...

Letters From a Living Dead Man

War Letters From a Living Dead Man

Last Letters From a Living Dead Man
anonymous said…
There is a lot of information on NDEs including information about what NDErs say about afterlife at:
Sante said…
Hi Dean.
Had a dream with you in it last night. We were at some kind of retreat center and you offered insence at an altar. You sked me about Tich Nat Hanh and wether his teaching was Rinzai or Soto Zen... I said that Vietnamese zen was so different from traditional Japanese zen that it eas hard to say even though it techinacally speaking belongs to the Rinzai branch of zen...
Maybe I just miss seeing some new posting on your blog...
Dean Radin said…
Hi Sante. I haven't had much time for the blog. I've been working on several lab experiments and grants that are consuming nearly all my free time. I hope to have something new and interesting to report about the lab studies in a month or two. And if I get a book contract that's presently in the works, I'll have even less time for the blog!
Theophrastus said…
The magnificently bearded Alan Moore has some interesting comments on these kinds of ideas:
(with favourable reference to Rupert Sheldrake near the end).

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