Through the Wormhole Episode

A demonstration of a presentiment experiment with a skin conductance measurement starts around minute 32.

Update (September 10, 2012): Portions of this  episode can be viewed here:

The entire episode can be viewed here:


Kandinsky said…
I enjoyed watching this and particularly Nelson's comment that consciousness is perhaps a 'light touch.'

Last year, whilst travelling slowly (20mph) in traffic, I suddenly stepped on the brake. As I did so, a girl walked out in front of my car. She'd have been hurt if I hadn't already braked for no apparent reason.

Since then, I wouldn't go so far as to assert 'presentiment' although it's one of many occurrences over the years that left an uneasy feeling of 'something more' at work.

Maybe because of these perceived incidents, I can entertain the idea that we exist in the immediate present and past. If so, perhaps we also exist, to varying extents, in our immediate futures.
Tor said…
I watched this episode a while back. Nice to see such a high quality production taking psi seriously.
MickyD said…
Hi Dean,

Do you know if the Tressoldi, Utts, Mossbridge presentiment meta-analysis has been published yet or is it still in press?
Dean Radin said…
I heard a week ago that the presentiment MA is still under review. Not in press.
That was fun.

You should extract the part of the google lecture on YouTube that deals with that kind of presentiment experiment. I've shown it to several skeptical, as opposed to "skeptical" people, I know and they've had to agree that the results couldn't be explained any other way than as confirming the existence of the presentiment.
@ Dean Radin

What is your take on Persinger's theory that low frequency electromagnetic waves are the means for the transfer of telepathic and clairvoyant information?
Anti Nymous said…
Thanks for the link Dr. Radin!

BTW, you can link directly to a timed spot in youtube video by putting the following after the URL-address:


where XX=cue spot in minutes
and YY = cue spot seconds

So for example, the spot for the Sixth Sense episode 05 goes like this:
Angela Artemis said…
Hi Dean,
I seemed to have missed this episode of "Through the Wormhole."
It's great to see this information presented to mainstream audiences.

I have a question. Do you think "blindsight" can explain how we receive clairvoyant images in the mind's eye?

I feel there must be connection...
Unknown said…
Hi Dean!
Could I ask you a general question about clairvoyance? I am totally conviced about the reality of this ability, but don't know exactly how to figure out how it works.

Whith telepaty, I have no big problem accepting the solution that consciousness is a non-lokal phenomenon, and therefore telepathy seems quite reasonable - all our minds are connected in the collective field of consciousness.

But telepathy is contact in mind between minds. With clairvoyance, it is different - appearantly. When a clairvoyant person localizes say a lost object at the bottom of the sea, there seems to be no place - no mind - where this information was stored. Even if mind is non-local, which it most probably is, and therefore is in some respect present also at the sea-bottom, the information about the whereabouts of the lost object has still to be "uploaded" into our collective mind - in the form of someone seeing it, f.eks. Otherwise it is difficult to understand how the clairvoyant person should get in any sort of contact with the object.

I hope you can explain!

Best regards
Paprika said…
Dean, I just wanted to bring this to your attention in case you want to reply to the author's criticisms:
Dean Radin said…
"Reviews" posted online by anonymous nobodies are not just worthless. They're also cowardly.

I publish my work in peer-reviewed journals. If someone has something to say, then let him or her publish their thoughts in the same journal.
TFlynn99 said…
Dean -

In the article linked above, the author states that psi-related research does not get published in mainstream scientific journals because such research is not conducted rigorously, employ flawed methodology, etc. In other words, psi research does not meet the strict inclusion criteria that mainstream scientific journals demand.

Isn't it true that certain mainstream journals specifically refuse to even consider any submission that includes psi-related words/terms in the text?
Dean Radin said…
Only papers that present positive evidence for psi.

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