Italian translation of The Conscious Universe

My books are now translated into Russian, French, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic and Italian. I like the cover of the new Italian translation because the "IM" in IMPOSSIBILI is fading away.


Dean, there is a documentary that shows psi without intending to. It is about farming in Australia. (BBC; Jimmy’s Global Harvest, episode 2.) So, some man whose family has been drilling boreholes in Australia for generations uses a divination wire to tell where the water underground is. It is how most of inland Australia has got water, so it is actually a very seriously tested case of divination. It keeps Australia alive.
An important bit is where Jimmy the host (sceptical, of course), holds the wire tight, and it turns in his hand. He is in absolute shock when he realises his divination is in line with that of the driller—and that the drilling truck is right above the underground stream they have located with divination.
Anonymous said…
"The Conscious Universe", translated into Russian by Oleg V. Avchenko (PhD in Geology; Far East Geological Institute,,
Tor said…
Now the only one that is left is the Klingon translation (I just couldn't keep that nerdy comment to my self).
Dean Radin said…
You don't know how close I came to adding that myself!
MickyD said…
Hi Dean.

What do you think about this negative meta-analysis on post-Bem?

Dean Radin said…
I think the Galak et al paper is quite good overall.

One issue is that four of the seven reported studies were conducted online, which means that 83% of the data (2,739 of 3,289 subjects) was collected under conditions that were not like that reported by Bem. Of the three studies that were close replications of Bem's design, the combined z score would be 1.34 and in the direction of the hypothesis (p = 0.09 one-tailed). So from this perspective things are not so negative after all.

On their meta-analysis, they contacted the "National Society of Paranormal Investigation and Research" to look for replication attempts? Seriously?

The meta-analytic table is most interesting. There we see that lab-based studies, presumably the closest replications to Bem's design, resulted in an overall effect size 9 times larger than the online studies. The 95% confidence interval for the lab studies excluded chance.

So does this effect replicate or not? The jury is still out because until we get more studies based on Bem's original design, we won't know with high confidence one way or the other.
MickyD said…
Thanks. I calculated a 40% success rate for the lab based data (6 positive significant studies out of 15), so if the online data is excluded, maybe replication has been achieved? They didn't include positive studies from Alexander Bethyany and Andrian Ryan either. Also, Jonathan Schooler, and his post-doc Michael Franklin have perfomed thousands of trials with huge odds against chance. I'm looking forward to Bem's reply in the JPSP!
TFlynn99 said…
Does anyone know where I can check out the Adrian Ryan replication paper? I heard this one was a successful replication, but I have been unable to locate and read the paper.
MickyD said…
Dean, how did the RNG Burning Man study go?
Dean, here is an article on the flip side of the placebo effect.
Anonymous said…
Dean I understand you quite well having practiced Zen at age 16.
I actually designed my own thought Experiment at age 17 before I became a Physician.I had a presentiment at age 21 about the word Quantum Zen.

As John Wheeler said there is something strange about Time.
Professor Cramer might be able to explain some of your findings through the Transactional Approach of Quantum Mechanics.All events being instantaneous emitter absorber interactions transcending Space time.That would also explain Backward Causation etc
Murphy said…
I'm glad your books have been translated in to Japanese - now I can introduce my wife to your wonderful work.

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