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My talk at the Electric Universe conference in January 2013


David Bailey said…
Dean, I wonder if one of these experiments (maybe EEG correlation) would have enough time resolution to detect if the PK/ESP signal travels at the speed of light or at infinite speed, using a pair of subjects at opposite sides of the Earth.
Dean Radin said…
I've been interested in testing the "speed of thought" via a variation of an EEG correlation experiment. I proposed a way to measure it with fairly good accuracy, but it wasn't funded. So it will remain on the drawing board for a while. My guess is that psi does not involve transfer of any form of conventional signal, in which case the correlations will be instantaneous, simliar to quantum entanglement.
Unknown said…
I think David Bailey's question is very interesting from a physics perspective. If you have two spatially separated events which are simultaneous in one frame of reference, you can define another inertial frame such that one event occurs before the other. So are telepathy and precognition deeply related in some sense? Precognition may be due to the collapse of a wavefunction extended in time at the future end (via something like Orch-OR), causing the past end to collapse too (John Cramer's current retrocausality experiment is a non-psi example). And telepathy may be a simultaneous collapse of a spatially extended wavefunction with observers at both ends. Well, perhaps someone can figure this all out.

Dean, have you heard about University of Washington professor John Cramer's quantum optics retrocausality experiment? My physics classmates and I looked over his design a while back and found no obvious violations of physical laws. Unfortunately, despite lots of public interest he's had trouble raising money in the past since his research is considered "too weird" by funding agencies (same story as parapsychology but why are they throwing so much money and effort down the string theory and supersymmetry black holes? Arrgh! Don't people realize there is absolutely no evidence for string theory or supersymmetry but quite a bit for retrocausality from parapsychology experiments? So frustrating /rant). Now John Cramer is waiting for some new technology from Lawrence-Livermore National Lab so once he has that he'll probably make another push to get results.
Robert Searle said…
I think Dead Radin may find my evolving project of interest. It offers a new major paradigm in parapsychology, and mysticism.
Skiba said…
Thanks Dean. Great talk.

At the end you mentioned geomagnetic field effecting psychic abilities.
Do you mean magnetic storms caused by the sun, or just fluctuations in earths magnetic field by it self?
Dean Radin said…
Any source of fluctuations will do, although much of it comes from the sun.

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