Sometimes it takes a comedian to state the obvious

From Wikiquote (affiliated with Wikipedia, but a bit more difficult to seriously distort).

By comedian John Oliver:

"The world's become so horrifying now. It's too easy to become cynical about things and that's not fair and it doesn't work. And in fact, there is hope for the world. And it is in the form of Wikipedia. Now Wikipedia will save us all.

I found this out when recently a friend of mine emailed me and he said that someone had created a Wikipedia entry about me. I didn't realize this was true, so I looked it up. And like most Wikipedia entries, it came with some flamboyant surprises, not least amongst them my name. Because in it it said my name was John Cornelius Oliver. Now my middle name is not Cornelius because I did not die in 1752. But obviously, I wanted to be. Cornelius is an incredible name.

And that's when it hit me --the way the world is now, fiction has become more attractive than fact. That is why Wikipedia is such a vital resource. It's a way of us completely rewriting our history to give our children and our children's children a much better history to grow up with. We seem to have no intention of providing them with a future. Let's at least give them a past. It is in a very real sense the least we can do."


Dean Radin said…
I see that Michelle Bachmann and Glenn Beck are also on this exalted list. Strange bedfellows. Part of the price of fame, I suppose. :-)
Unknown said…
I wonder if said author of "American Loons" has ever so much has glanced at the evidence, as well as the rationalwiki page, which he seems to have effectively copy pasted? On second thoughts, that's probably a rhetorical question.
Dean Radin said…
Glancing at evidence doesn't achieve much. It only encourages people to see what they want to see and ignore the rest.
Unknown said…
"Glancing at evidence doesn't achieve much. It only encourages people to see what they want to see and ignore the rest"

Touche. I should perhaps rephrase that as "has he taken the time to closely examine the evidence to form an educated viewpoint?" Of which I'm guessing the answer would be a resounding no

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