Retiring this blog, sort of

I have pretty much retired this blog and have switched to posting shorter notes to Facebook and Twitter.

Writing a blog was occasionally fun but ultimately not worth the time or effort given the limited number of followers. While this blog had received over 700,000 page views, after working full time on writing journal articles, books, and grant proposals, and conducting experiments, and being editor of a journal, and giving 20 to 50 presentations and interviews a year, I don't have much energy left to write a blog as well.

This site will remain online for historical purposes, but look for my posts on various social media for ongoing updates.  And look for my latest book, which I'm working on now, in Spring of 2018.


Jayjay55 said…
Hey dean i understand that there are multiple studies validating psi phenomena. But on top of those what are some personal anecdotal validations you've had or heard of that may have reinforced your convictions on non physical phenomena. particularity pertaining to remote viewing or validating consciousness being not only in the brain,but if not any strong anecdote will do. I'm sorry to see this blog "retiring sort of" but thank you.
Dean Radin said…
Here's one such anecdote.

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