Dialog with Lynne McTaggart

Click here to access a recent conversation I had with Lynne McTaggart, author of the bestselling book, The Field, and the recent followup, The Intention Experiment. This dialog is hosted by the Institute of Noetic Sciences.


Anthony Peake said…
Very interesting. I am becoming more and more fascinated with the implications of The Field after reading Ervin Laszlo's 'The Whispering Pond'. Indeed you may be interested in the implications of my work with regard to human consciousness and the nature of reality.
Book Surgeon said…
Dean, I know it's off topic, but did you see that James Randi had a go at you in his latest newsletter? You earned the coveted "woo-woo" label and the usual ad hominem nonsense. Funny how a non-scientist like Randi is all pro-science unless the scientists pursue subjects of which he doesn't approve. You and Dr. Steven Braude have both been tarred and feathered recently.
Dean Radin said…
Finally, the coveted woo-woo. I wonder what took him so long? Randi is such a charming goofball. You've got to admire that kind of passion in an old man, however confused he may be. I wish him well.
Dean Radin said…
Anthony Peake -- thanks for mentioning your work. Nice website with interesting ideas. I'll get a copy of your book and watch your YouTube lecture when I get a chance.
Anthony Peake said…
I suspect that you may find my site on Blogger to be of potential interest - I am up to my allocated 100 maximum 'posting members' and there is some interesting themes being followed through. This can be found at


It also seems that on Amazon.com people that buy your book Entangled Minds also buy mine (and vice versa)!

I would be pleased if you considered opening up a more personal dialogue - if so I can be contacted on my general email address: cheattheferryman@aol.com


Anonymous said…
" You've got to admire that kind of passion in an old man..."

That's easy for you to say -- having been born on a leap day, you have many fewer birthdays!

And you have a birthday coming up tomorrow! Congratulations in advance!
Anthony Peake said…
I have just started reading Entangled Minds and I was particularly interested on your reference to Philip K Dick on page 25. As Dick is one of the major subjects of my next book The Daemon - The Introduction To Your Extraordinary Hidden Self I have placed a posting on my blog. In this I have referenced you, your book, and given a link to your blogsite.(http://cheatingtheferryman.blogspot.com/)

If you can please take a moment to read what I have posted. I it possible that you may find it of interest.
Blue Mystic said…
Dean is there a problem with the link?
Dean Radin said…
I guess this link must have been taken down.

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