Larry King Live show

I taped a Larry King Live show last November with J.Z. Knight, Candace Pert, Fred Alan Wolf, Will Arntz (producer of the What the Bleep movie) and Edgar Mitchell.

I'm told it will air on CNN Saturday, August 2 at 6pm PT, 9pm PT & Midnight PT.

My main recollection of the show is that the hair and makeup artists were amazing. Because of the high resolution of HD TV, some makeup artists are now using airbrushes. I guess if you use traditional pancake, the makeup is too obvious in hi-def. I also saw the singer Wayne Newton in the green room after the show. Other than that, it all went by in a blur and I have no idea what I said.


Sonic Ghost said…
"I'm told it will air on CNN Saturday, August 2 at 6pm PT, 9pm PT & Midnight PT."

... Huh? I don't watch Larry King unless it's a subject of my interest, so I don't know how long these shows last, but were those typos, or are they really airing the episode three times in a row in a single day?
Dean Radin said…
Yes, three times in one day. Such repeats are pretty common for taped shows on CNN.
Sonic Ghost said…
Oh, I see. I can't wait to watch this.
Dreamer said…
Thanks for the heads-up -- I was fortunate enough to catch the 9:00 screening.

It makes me so happy to see these topics covered on a high-profile program like Larry King Live. You guys all did such a great job of getting your messages across in a talk-show format, and Larry himself seemed very receptive to the ideas presented. Great job -- I'm so "proud" of you!
Fifi said…
The pit-falls of not having cable...*sniff* Maybe some merciful You-Tuber will post it...

As for makeup...

Airbrushing is great for hi-def. It covers what you need it to cover without having to use a ton of product -- the base sits on top of the skin, which allows for less product to sit on the skin. It also holds up well under hot lights
I've done a few weddings, and I like using airbrushing for those reasons.

Pancake is better works better for theater. Like airbrushing, it holds up to hot lights, but it has the advantage of being a bit more sweat proof -- especially for performers with oily skin. Used dry (and with an incredibly light hand) it makes a great powder base.

The makeup fanatic will now shut her mouth... =0|
Blue Mystic said…
Any chance it will be on google video?
Dean Radin said…
If it shows up on YouTube or equivalent I'll post the link here.
I am so grateful I caught this episode, I rarely watch television. You put some things I have been contemplating internally in a context I could really grasp. Your view resonates more in line with my thought processes possibly because I'm a musician and software engineer. Like minds? I have no idea. I would love to see it again on you tube, I feel very inspired from the broadcast. Thank you very much Dean for your work.
Unknown said…
It now appears to be on Google -- at least embedded within this blog.

(Those with more technical skill than I surely can extract it.)

What a contradiction in terms, your message vs. the non-stop ticker tape at screen's bottom of all the negative news worldwide. How remarkable---no perfect---that you and Edgar Mitchell and the Bleep crew appear on and thus powerfully inspire the watchers of BNN (bad news net).

Alert! Paradigm shift underway. Yesssss.
Here is the direct link for those that would like it:
goodwitchy said…
I am so glad that I saw this Larry King show - this is how I discovered you and I am so interested in the research you're doing.

I'm ordering your books.
Thank you Dean.

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