Post Modern Times

I was interviewed by Daniel Pinchbeck for Post Modern Times, a "series of short animated films presenting new ideas about global consciousness and techniques for social and ecological transformation."

You can watch part of that interview in two videos at this link.


icee said…
Hi Dean Radin!

I would like to thank you for amazing work! You're work is revolutionary and simply amazing.

Thanks for all videos and I love your theory of stupidity. Its nice to see that the taboos are being lifted, even if its not yet happening on a grander level like in mainstream.

About the idea with hive-brain, that's true. I do call it planetary conscioussness, since from my view conscioussness is everything. The problem you speak of with money is only a problem for greedy people :). A world in love and peace don't need money cause money do no good when it is used to prevent progress and stop people from achievein' their dreams.

I have myself experienced one with the oneness (a couple of days ago actually) and have come to this experience through information and empirical research.

A very intresting thing was (before I profoundly understood the concept behind that we all are one) that happened to me was when I was surfing your site project involving psychic ability. I played the first game but just clicked my way through, and then with the moving tiles I did't get what he point of it was (it was late and I was tired, but found the site intresting without reading all about how it exactly worked). So I thought that the tiles where going to move in the same direction as the arrow was pointing. And it did, so I started to think what the point was when all that I could do was to move the tiles in the same direction as the arrow was pointing. Then all of a sudden after this thought the tile moved to another space in which the arrow didn't point.

"Of course!" I thought and realised that my mind was making the tiles move in the way that I thought they where going to move. After this profound understanding it wasn't as easy anymore, cause I was shaken in a positive way of how much I could influence something. I didn't test it anymore though, and have been getting alot of synchronisities that's been guiding me sub-consioussly. Which I understood when I profoundly understood that we all are one.

I have a question for you mr. Radin and it is if you know if there's any scientific reserach to this in Sweden? I would love to contribute if possible, since I've gone a strange way of coming to understand how the universe works, and why it works in such mysterious ways! I've based my understanding on information, and my conclusion is, we have forgotten what we are so we could experience what we are. Life's forever, what else could it be? :)

Thanks again for all your work! Its amazing and I can't wait for the next years to unfold! Amazing things will happen! :)

Best Regards from Sweden! And keep up the amazing good work! THANKS!
David Bailey said…
The music accompanying those videos reminded me of the music at your psychic games website. I wonder if any serious work has been done in inducing altered states of consciousness purely by music.

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