Alumni Leader

I was selected as one of two "alumni leaders" in the Fall 2008 issue of Resonance, an alumni magazine published by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. I've posted that page here.


Psyforce1 said…
David Bailey said…
I was impressed - both by your range of talents, and by the way your work is acknowledged without any of the sniffiness usually reserved by academia for parapsychologists.

I noticed in the article that you studied Russian and Chinese parapsychology papers (presumably in translation - otherwise you are an even bigger polymath!). Did they get any further than the West, or offer any useful insights?
Dean Radin said…
I think China may be ahead of the West in this realm, or soon will be, partially because their culture is more open to these phenomena, and also because their government has the capacity to (and does) survey large segments of the population to find exceptional talent (in all areas). They are also producing far more engineering and science graduates than the West.
Blue Mystic said…
Dean Said,

"I think China may be ahead of the West in this realm..."

I'm surprised to hear this but I guess I shouldn't be.

Dean is there a chance that westerners will wake up one morning and read in the paper that eastern scientists have produced evidence of psi that embarrasses western science? That makes western science very, very uncomfortable?
Dean Radin said…
> is there a chance ...

Yes, there's a chance. Maybe China, maybe India. Until recently it was thought that those countries didn't have the talent or technology to do worldclass neuroscience. That is very rapidly changing.

So far the Western skeptical stance has made its psi studies more rigorously designed and run as compared to what the East has produced. But that could change in a flash.
Blue Mystic said…
Oh and btw, grats on being selected as one of two alumni leaders! That's great, I hope you celebrated accordingly! :)
Pramod said…
I am an IT professional from India,I have been trying to understand psi and your blog has served as a great guide in this endeavor.

I came across some research on pyramids( and now I want to perform my experiment.I need your help in this regard.
Objective:See the power of pyramid
Setup:Take 4 slices of banana and keep 1 slice in the open,2nd slice below a fiber pyramid ,3rd slice below a fiber pyramid and 4th below a fiber sphere.The 3rd slice kept below a fiber pyramid is subjected to prayer(by 3 persons) regularly(after every 4 hours).The slices are visually inspected after every 6 hours.
Expected result:We hope to see differing changes in the physical properties of each slice.

Can you suggest better subject(instead of banana slices)?

Do you know of any such experiments related to psi which can be easily performed?
Mozart Rolim said…
Well Done, Dr. Radin!!!!!!!

You´re a quite remarkable researcher. Keep going, ever!!!!!

P.S. : If you understand portuguese, please take a visit at our blog:

It´s a brazilian page with a lot of contents and many important papers. I made an analisys of the case between you and Nature.

I hope you like.

Best Regards
butterfly said…
Congratulations! Such accolades seem very well placed.

Attitudes towards parapsychology really do seem to be changing. I find that very heartening.

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