The Brain

I was interviewed for a program about the brain on The History Channel. It was shown last Monday and will be shown again Sunday, November 16 at 5:00 PM (Eastern Time Zone), Tuesday, November 25, 8:00 AM and Tuesday, November 25, 2:00 PM.


Book Surgeon said…
I saw that program; I'm delighted to hear that it's new, and not some years-old retread. I was actually impressed that they presented the psi evidence neutrally and didn't bring on Shermer or some other media skeptic to deliver the usual "there's never been a psi experiment that showed positive results" drivel. Very good.
Unknown said…
The list of mainstream people/shows etc. treating such phenomena seriously is fantastic. The UN symposium, BBC Horizon, Beauregard and O'Leary's book, the major AWARE study being treated seriously etc.

Book surgeon: Since you mention it, I've always wondered what would happen to the skeptics when it turns out that these phenomena are real? Will the misrepresentations, slurs, attempted destruction of careers etc. be forgotten? I think there should be a concerted effort to use parapsychology etc. as a case study for science students to learn. Phenomena with good evidence should never be rejected so vigorously ever again just because they don't fit with current dogma.
Dean Radin said…
> what would happen to the skeptics when it turns out that these phenomena are real?

The history of science says that nothing will happen. The criticisms and the critics simply disappear, only to reappear when some new anomaly appears.
Book Surgeon said…
I think it's the same answer one can apply to political parties. Will the Republican Party treat Barack Obama's big presidential win as a major rebuke and completely change its ways?

Of course not. Once one is dedicated to a world view, one defends it, typically unto absurdity. When psi is an accepted fact, the pseudoskeptics will still be ranting about tarot cards, crystals and astrology.
Unknown said…
Thanks for tha replies, Dean and Booky. Perhaps I should modify the question slightly. When psi is accepted, will as many people care for what they have to say? Assuming people are made aware of the tactics used by the Gardners etc. like the slurs, will people care as much?
Blue Mystic said…
Yes that was very interesting. It was neat seeing a presentiment trial in action.

I would have liked seeing an fMRI experiment mentioned, though.

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