IONS 2009 Conference

This is IONS' biennial conference. I will be giving a presentation on advances in psi research, including preliminary results of my recent experiments involving the effects of consciousness on a double-slit optical system, a workshop with Dr. Julie Beischel on the evidence for survival of bodily death, which is planned to include a demonstration session with a research medium, and an evening experiment in collective awareness and intuition.


David Bailey said…

I am curious as to whether your double slit experiment shows a larger effect size than other psychokinetic experiments - which might perhaps suggest that psi operates via quantum effects.
Dean Radin said…
So far, it appears so. But I'm just at the beginning of a two-year series of experiments, so time will tell.
Robbie said…
I hail from the UK so I will be unable to attend. Is it possible to view the conference online?
Unknown said…
I would love to be able to attend this presentation, as well as Julie Beischel's. If anyone hasn't already listened to her interviews on Skeptico, I thoroughly recommend them.

Let's hope a podcast or two comes out of it for we who are geographically challenged.
Trevor said…
How would someone become more involved in that type of research (the effects of consciousness on quantum double slit experiments)? Are you looking for additional people in any capacity? Is there any other way to help?
Dean Radin said…
I think there will be videos or possibly podcast-friendly audio recorded at this conference, but I'm not sure. When I find out I'll mention it here.

On how to get involved, at the undergraduate student level there are very few options in the US. Better options in the UK. At the graduate level there are several universities and institutes where accredited degrees can be earned while focusing on these topics. Beyond schooling the options are very limited.

This is not due to lack of interest on the part of the public or scientists. The majority of people are interested in consciousness studies in one form or another. But within the academic track only a very thin slice of this topic is presently considered acceptable. This could change if enough people demanded it, but so far this hasn't happened.
anonymous said…
"Beyond schooling the options are very limited."You can always conduct your own reseaerch by learning to develop your own psychic abilities. There are companies that teach remote viewing - which anyone can learn to do. If there is a Spiritualist church in your area, you can learn mediumship there. Take a class in reiki healing. Try out different psychics in your area. If you find one you feel is talented, see if she offers classes in psychic development.

Also read as much as possible about parapsychology, psychical research, and also books by psychics. By learning the subject from the scientific point of view and from the psychic's point of view you will develop unique insights that won't come from studing the subject from only one side.
Dean Radin said…
It's quite true that it's not necessary to have a degree to do psi research (or to do research in any realm, but it helps), and there are many fruitful avenues one can take to make meaningful contributions.

I took Trevor's question to be angled towards technically oriented research because I imagine (perhaps wrongly) that most laypeople wouldn't have the time, money or interest in doing physics-oriented psi experiments.

Another approach that works -- sometimes -- is to find a sympathetic scientist with expertise in the area you're interested in, and see if you can pique his or her interest. This works only occasionally because like me, most active researchers have very long to-do lists and not much free time.
Trevor said…
Thank you for your recommendations Dean and "anonymous". I was primarily considering more technically oriented research at the graduate level. I already have a BSc in Physics and a Masters in Aerospace Engineering and would love to continue my formal education through research related to the effects of consciousness on quantum double slit experiments or something similar.

In the meantime, I will continue reading and familiarizing myself with the topic.
I would love to attend this conference as I am starting get information with in minutes of it happening over a few hours after is has happened. I trust the information as it clearly comes from another source and very seldom comes for a dream. I hear things or suddenly know things. Specifically, I was told while driving to give the car in front me several car links because a dear would jump out in front of this car and the car would lose control and the dear would be thrown behind the car. All happened with in 5 mins of me 'knowing' it would. I escaped injury, the car in front of me was totaled, the deer was thrown on the car on the side of me. That was one minor incident. THe other one involved a man who I was deeply in love with. We had had a fight that looked like it hand ended the conversation. The next morning while getting coffee, I head a conversaton between 2 men (one was my lover) where the one man was deriding my lover. The conversation went on for nearly 5 minutes, I sat back and listened to it w/coffee in hand. Several days later When my lover and I decided to start talking I asked him about the Saturday night conversation I heard on SunDAY..I emailed it to him one line at a time. He could not believe it at first, but thenconfirmed the conversation had taken place almost verbatim as I written it down. There are so many more incidents happening in my life right now, I'd love to with you all to listen, learn and get answers/insights.
Tor said…
Hi Dean,

I'm curious as to the results of your new double slit experiment. Did using a real double slit still yield the same results as using a mirror setup, and without there being any other plausible ways to explain the results than a true observation at the slits?


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