Mind, body, environment

Bruce Lipton, on epigenetics.


Anonymous said…
This reminds me of the biological lecture about how many bacteria are within a human being.


The presenter talks about the mass of bacteria in a human body, and how bacteria talk to each other in two chemical languages.

I suspect it might be relevant...
mrehayden said…
I think he might be overstating his position when he makes the claim that cancer's might be the fault of poor "leadership" as he puts it.

Enjoying his work as always.
FMS said…
Hi Mr Radin,

I'm a 38 yo male from Lisbon, Portugal, agnostic and halfway to a degree in physics.

I have collected, throughout my life, very sound empirical reasons (uncannily having luck, guessing, knowing, becoming rich, and so on)that pointed me here.

How can I find out more about my abilities?

Thank you.
anonymous said…
How can I find out more about my abilities?
I'd be interested in Dean's opinion on this too, but I would recommend reading biographies of psychics, as well as books on parapsychological research.

A good place to meet other psychics who may have had similar experiences is at a Spiritualist church.

Several web sites with many on line books and other internet resources are listed here:

Dean Radin said…
> How can I find out more about my abilities?

That depends on whether "find out" means trying various experiments to put your abilities to the test, or learn about how psi is studied scientifically, or ways of developing the abilities (without going crazy in the process), etc. That is, there are lots of avenues for learning about psi, ranging from purely experiential to objectively scientific. All are valid.

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