Highway cows in Delhi

This is something you don't see very often in the USA: cows roaming around the highway. But it's not uncommon in Delhi. We also saw goats and monkeys on the road. They co-exist with the traffic remarkably well. In our trips so far it seems that violent collisions between buses, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, rickshaws, pedestrians (including little kids), and free roaming animals must happen all the time. But in spite of dozens of near-misses, we witnessed no accidents.
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SophieHCL said…
Hi, Dean,
I've just read (Chinese edition). I want to say thank you for your passion to reveal the truth that we've almost ignored or even defied.
This obeservation in India seems to have an insight.
I hear that people in India worship the cow and the monkey.
Is this an example to show that the world will be how harmonic and safe when we carry out the belief that all living things are all equal, since there is spiritual connetions among everything in this universe? :)

Dr. Edgar Mitchell called it "a sense of universal connectedness." I also engulfed by this immense sensation one day last year after I put the law of the nature, the power of calmness, expressed by the book , into effect, for three months. At the same time I began to exercise Qigong and research into the wisdom ofBudda. Since then I suddenly can see every animal as the same species with me (including the dog which I've feared with no reason for more than thirty years!)

Sorry for the rough expression. I havn't written in English for fifteen years. Hope you can understand what I am talking about.
And reading the articles in your blog is quite a good way to learn English.^^ I will purchase and treasure the two books especially the new UK edition.
Rohit said…
I guess we Indian drivers have become accustomed to driving around these hazards. :-)
Rohit said…
Dr. Radin,

If you happen to come to Bangalore (Bengaluru), I am very interested in meeting you (or in hearing you speak).

Of course, you may not be interested in meeting me. :-) I do have several first-hand parapsychological experiences I could share, but then you must have come across many "cases" while researching these phenomena. So, I think I will satisfy myself by reading your books, and will share my experiences here:

You have written a book about the "Conscious Universe". I haven't read it (yet) but I did have an experience with the Universe a few years ago. It was while I was sleeping. There was an important question on my mind at that time, about the direction I should take in life. During a "dream" (except that it was real, not a dream), I found myself floating somewhere out in space, next to large light-blue colored planet. I sensed that I was in the presence of "The Mind of the Universe" (which I understood to be the ultimate "God"). I asked the Mind of the Universe a Yes/No question about my life, and It gave me the answer, and an explanation for it (a glimpse from my most recent past-life). It was a very moving experience for me.

Throughout my life, I have had several other parapsychological experiences too: ESP, accidental and consciously-induced OBEs, being able to physically feel what another person is feeling, memories from several past lives, glimpses of the future from this life, etc.

I hope you find this datum to be of some use. Please feel free to contact me if you need any more details. (My alternate email is tech.rohit AT gmail.com).

All the best for your work!
SRI said…

The Picture is from New Delhi or Old Delhi ?
Dean Radin said…
I'm not clear on the difference between Old Delhi and New Delhi. I took this picture near Lodi Gardens.
SophieHCL said…
I've just read The Field (Chinese edition).

Enjoy India.
SRI said…
Reason I asked is Old Delhi is where you will observe hard core life of India. Lodhi Gardens in New Delhi.

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