India trip - Delhi

Here I am at an ancient temple in Lodhi Gardens, Delhi, India. I'm traveling in India for a few weeks, giving lectures at several universities under the auspices of the Indian Council for Philosophical Research (ICPR), an agency within India's Ministry of Human Resource Development. The ICPR selected me to be their National Visiting Professor for 2010. I'll occasionally post pictures and comments about the trip as it unfolds.
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nycjeff said…
Just curious if there's an Indian analogue to Michael Shermer to get worked up about your invitation.
Dean Radin said…
There are skeptical societies in India, but I doubt that any of them care about my visit. Most of the "professional" skeptics I've met are defenders of the faith (either scientistic or religious). Those folks aren't interested in learning anything new.
Tor said…
Seems like fun Dean!

One thing I I noticed when traveling in East-Asia a year ago, was how relaxing it was to be in a culture that viewed spirituality as a natural part of life. In the Buddhist countries it didn't seem like there was any fight between science and spirituality. Instead it seemed like they had a much more integrated world view than we have in the west with our sharp distinction between mind and matter, science and spirituality etc.

I haven't been to India yet. Do you get a similar impression there?
Sante said…
Delhi - I just remember feeling sick to my stomach and a very persistent ricksha driver spending half a day uselessly following me around, suggesting trips to places I didnt want to go! And yes the smog...
Dean Radin said…
Yes, "Delhi belly" is always possible to get here, but we were pre-warned so we've been extremely diligent about what we eat and drink, and we loaded up in advance with lots of friendly probiotics. So we're doing fine.
Enlightenment said…

am sure hope you visit mumbai. do let me know my email address is or contact me for any help you need on your visit here
Ed said…
Hi Dean,

With your Delhi photo---MOOOOOOOO!


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