Ganzfeld telepathy example 3

Another ganzfeld telepathy example with Gail and Tom. In this one Tom is the receiver.

Here is the transcript of what Ray said during the 10 minute sending period:

- - -
See a dark background. Colorful images. Very still. I feel outside. Air. Natural elements. Very, very clear, like sky. Something soft and football shaped. Orange-y, orange-y, light orange shape. I hear children. Maybe feathers, did I see feathers? Still see the dark background. Oval shape, oval shape. Images. Images on a background. Images on a dark background. Orange. Orange-y color. Air. Elements. Outdoors.

- - -

Can you guess the target that Gail was sending? When Tom viewed the four images he immediately selected the correct target with high confidence. What this shows is that the words that Tom chose to describe his mental impressions were accurate, but they didn't quite capture his actual experience. That experience allowed him to, as he put it, "bet money" that his selection was correct. And he would have won that bet.


Mike said…
Wow! This one's very accurate. Amazing.
butterfly said…
That one is very easy to get!
Machina Labs said…
Really? Maybe I'm thick, but (without being him and having his experience) given just the words I feel like it could go nearly equally to either the flowers or the Sphinx, but I would put my money on the Sphinx.
Dean Radin said…
The target was the flower. While the Sphinx matches the dark background and orange color, the flower matches the dark background, orange color, natural elements (meaning multiple things of nature rather than a single man-made object), soft, feathers, oval shapes, and something commonly associated with children (picking daisies).

As I mentioned, Ray selected the correct target immediately. His words did not convey his full experience, which is a limitation of this or any similar experiment that relies on expressing subjective impressions. Still, it works well enough, often enough, to be useful.
butterfly said…
I discarded the sphinx right away. But I've noticed if you think about it too logically, you make it hard for yourself to do. The words he used *felt* like the daisy.
Gareth said…
The flower was the most obvious choice to me.
Tor said…
I went for flowers too. It's great that you post these transcripts Dean. It gives a more insider feel of Ganzfeld experiments.
Enfant Terrible said…
I picked the Sphinx, because the flower is not oval, but circular. The Sphinx has more an oval format and the color orange has more impact. Both have the element air.
I felt the flower was the intended description right away. In my admittedly limited intentional experiments the first feel and/or impression is the most accurate.
The longer I continue the more likely I am to begin to interpret and thus confuse the reading.

Great job Ray!
Roger Knights said…
The flowers petals are oval.
matthewx78 said…
Hey Dean,

Have you heard about a Dr. Bem who recently did 9 experiments where students who studied for exams in the future fared better than those who did not study at all.

This article states that "researchers in the past have not met scientific standards, Dr. Bem has met more scientific standards..

After reading your book I have to laugh.

Sorry I missed you the other weekend in the Catskills.... I am a member of Baltimore IONs.
Machina Labs said…
I thought this video was really charming. It may not be totally accurate, but it's fun.

Future Shorts - The Ganzfeld Procedure

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