Ganzfeld telepathy example 2

This ganzfeld telepathy test was conducted with Gail and her friend Ray, on September 27th.

This is the target pool. One of these images was being sent by Ray, from a distance. Neither Ray nor Gail knew anything in advance about the composition of the pool, and Ray selected one of these four pictures randomly with a tossed die.

What follows is the transcript of Gail's spoken impressions during the sending period, which lasted about 10 minutes:

- - -

I see an image of Ray when he jumped off the waterfall in Hawaii. Green. Swaying. I feel like I'm swaying. Palm Trees. Motion. I keep feeling like a lot of motion. Something solid and rectangular. Alive. Kinda...Jungle-y. Now my image changed to sort of like a port, but I feel like it's an analytical overlay. We were just talking about shipping so I'm not sure, all of a sudden I felt like I was at a port,
or a busy place or... Somewhere that felt like by, with water and industry. Hot.

Ray?! [At this point Gail felt that Ray's attention was wandering.]

Continuing with images of water or when I say like a sway or a wave, or some kinda flowing in and out feeling. I feel blues and whites. I'm not sure why I'm seeing an image of a stick of butter. But just that same shape again where I'm seeing a long, oblong... Before I felt like the oblong shape was standing upward and now I'm seeing it more like a train, you know, like a long train kind of a shape.

I'm hearing flower essence in my mind, flower essence. I see sort of a green leathery leaf. I guess I would draw a shape to go with that. A happy feeling.

Now all of a sudden, I just saw, I don't know, a metal structure, you know, like intricacies of a metal structure, that you would see like in an Eiffel Tower or a bridge or some sort of intertwining metal things.
Repeated design, or repeated. I'm not sure.

I just saw some horses galloping by, again, the same thing about swift. Something about just the mane blowing in the wind, or the hair. Something about the swift and swaying feeling of motion. I seem to be traveling from a tropical feeling to a sort of a farm feeling. Seems kinda busy. I still have to go back to my rectangular oblong shape. I don't know if stick-of-butter yellow has something to do with the color. Hands ... keep feeling like I'm holding something.

- - -

After the sending period, when Gail was trying to match her impressions to the target, she immediately rejected two of the pictures and kept vacillating between the actual target and one of the decoys. She first selected the target, then changed her mind, and went back and forth several times, ending up by selecting the decoy.

Can you guess which picture was the target that Ray was sending?


Mike said…
Pictures #0096 and #0008.
Dean Radin said…
Hint: Gail tends to get psi impressions in a flash. The longer she's *trying* to receive, and thinking about it, the more likely fantasy takes over. I suspect this may be true for many psi-talented people.
butterfly said…
I want to pick between the top two, the white building on the blue background or the boat on the water. I like the boat on the water best.
Dean Radin said…
Sandy wins the Cupie doll. Those were the two images that Gail couldn't decide between, and the first one she selected, which was correct, was the one with water.

Her repeated reference to a feeling of swaying was, as Ray later put it, how he was trying to convey to her that it was all about water. Remember, Ray did not see the other images, so he couldn't know in advance (precognition notwithstanding) that some of his sending might match elements of the other images.
butterfly said…
Maybe that explains why looking at the images made me feel seasick!
Gareth said…
I first picked the boat on the water, but then thought it might be the flowers. Reading it all again I thought it was more likely to be the boat.
Demi Andre said…
The problem I have with this is that when I do zener cards which have simple designs, I fail. When I try these sorts of complicated images, I get pretty good hits. It kind of makes me suspicious, ie, more possibilities, more likely to get hits. Then add to this, someone sending images, because they would be adding multiple thoughts...white noise. More fish in the bucket. For those who missed it...there are horses on the acropolis.
Dean Radin said…
Quite true. If you recite the encyclopedia aloud you will eventually hit any natural (meaning real vs. pure fantasy) target. In an experiment the only important result is what one selects as the actual target given one's impressions. In that case reciting the encyclopedia doesn't help - you either get the right answer or you don't.

One reason hit rates with natural targets are often better than with Zener cards is because the latter consists of constrained pools of abstract possibilities that are used in repeated trials. Abstract, limited target pools plus lots of repetition make statistical counting inevitable, and such biases soon outweigh one's raw impressions.
Demi Andre said…
Well, it explains why doing the zener symbols on the computer is a lot harder for me than the old deck of cards. Sorry, I misconstrued the experiment. I thought that it was more like other remote viewing experiments where you try to guess what image is being sent...with no target pictures. That is, I thought the pictures were used by the sender to focus, not the receiver. Serves me right for not wearing my reading glasses and trying to skim through.

Could I ask you a question since I have your attention. I attempted one of your games a few years ago, the one where there is a pictue of a person and you have to guess if they are living or dead. I'd like to try it again. I left the time gap, hoping that any memory trace would have faded by now. Could I try it again...and where can I locate it?

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