Windbridge Institute recruiting test participants

Are you interested in receiving a psychic reading as a volunteer in a scientific research study?

The Windbridge Institute (
) is seeking volunteers to act as psychic research reading recipients who will receive and score psychic readings about themselves. You must be 18 years or older, reside in the US, and have NOT experienced the death of any family members, romantic interests, or close friends during their lives. Individuals who have not lost anyone close to them are being specifically recruited to attempt to prevent deceased "drop-ins" during psychic readings for living participants.

Psychics are not being recruited for this study.

For more information and to complete an online pre-screening questionnaire, please visit:


francisco.j.93 said…
Dean, in this tests who is going to make the readings if there is not going to be any psychic? Will it be just regular people? (as if psychics were not regular...)
Dean Radin said…
I believe this means that the subjects being recruited should not regard themselves as psychic. As I understand it, the readings will be performed by mediums.

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