Entangled artists

Graphic artist Teka Luttrell sent me the following curious coincidence:

"About 10 days ago ... around May 11th (2006) ... all members of IONS received your book and the intro DVD to "Down the Rabbit Hole" ...which largely was about Entangled Minds. I shared the DVD with a small meditation group, too, and we all thought that your research is very cool.

"On the Saturday that followed -- May 13th -- I created a very unusual piece of art for a project I'm developing. (As shown, an iris with stars inside the pupil.)

"Then, last Friday, I received the new Shift magazine from IONS. I instantly noticed that the central piece of art on the cover was very similar to the artwork that I had created 6 days earlier. Of course, the magazine cover was artistically developed a couple months before it was printed. But the point is that I developed my piece without any knowledge of the Shift cover ... and these two "seemingly" separate pieces came together ... they crossed paths in time and we are now conscious of their behind-the-scenes entanglement."

You can visit Teka's website here


Unknown said…
I love that kind of stuff!
Anonymous said…

I just picked up the book at the Barnes & Noble on Lex and 86th in NYC. It is in the New Age section. I was indignant, assuming that as it is scientificaly rigorous it should be in science, but then I saw you've got a blurb from Deepak Chopra on the back, so I suppose you get what you ask for. Maybe I am making too much of this, anf maybe the publisher is making the best decision in terms of marketing the book, but does it really serve the cause -- the cause being getting mainstream science to acknowledge the fact of psi phenomena -- when one of the leading exponents in putting out books in the New Age section and getting blurbed by a New Age guru?

I ask this question in good faith, as a person who believes the evidence for psi is strong and persausive.
Dean Radin said…
At my request, the book was officially cross-listed as both Science and as Religion/Spiritual. These are the two closest publication categories for books of this type.

Which shelf the book actually ends up on in a bookstore is up to each store. In some science book specialty stores, it's shelved next to books like The Elegant Universe, where in my view it belongs.

The jacket quote from Deepak Chopra was a marketing decision. I was fortunate to get many available advance blurbs, but this was Simon & Schuster's call, probably based on Chopra's broad name recognition. Not all scientists are turned off by his view of the world.
Anonymous said…
I think the problem is that Chopra's view is too much of a mystics view. And to add to the insult he mixes in quantum mechanics! As you pointed out in Entangled minds, this kind of coupling is a big taboo. In my opinion the mystic traditions should be taken seriously. I just don't understand why most scientists abhor mysticism.

M.C. said…
I actually write two blogs. One of them is more or less about psi phenomena and the other is about mysticism (well I also post some of my landscape photos there, they go well together).

But I don't push the mysticism stuff on anyone. People come to that realization when they are ready for it.
Unknown said…
Science and Art are paths taken from the known to the unknown
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