Synchronicities redux

Here's a nice synchronicity that happened to me recently. I'll preface this by saying that while I study these experiences for a living, my daily life is as mundane as anyone else's, and I tend not to be permeated by wildly improbable psychic events. (Except in the lab sometimes.)

My wife and I tend to work on our PCs at night while watching TV. Most TV is so banal that it takes 1% of our attention to track a show. The other 99% is devoted to email and other PC-related work (and the dogs, and each other). Our PCs are setup in such a way that we can't see each other's screens.

So I'm scanning through dozens of emails, and I see one from a colleague who says he's updating a book he's written on deja vu, and he's calling it Deja Vu Revisited. I'm thinking that's a clever title when suddenly my wife says out loud, "I'm having the strongest deja vu." I laugh in amusement at this beautifully recursive moment. A synchronicity about a deja vu. My wife is delighted too.

I don't recall any previous time, under any circumstance, when my wife spontaneously reported a deja vu; nor does she recall one. Was this a mere coincidence? Sure didn't feel like it.


M.C. said…

I wrote you an email about Deja Vu this afternoon before reading this blog entry. I've just finished writing a brief examination of precognitive deja vu on my own blog. Yes I would say that there are a lot of coincidences going on about the subject of Deja Vu right now!
Deja Vu: the experience of review of what we have written and unfolding the the play of reality. As the viewer in the audience, your spirit has through audition been selected to play the part of Dean Radin. Your the narator and step up to the Shakespearean stage to play the part with fullness of heart or soul. The picture of props is in your mind and your creation of characters is part of your creation of mind shared with others also in their own world of dreaming child reflected on the surface of its sphere sleeps. Bubbles drifting through space-the shared Indranet. kAt the end of this play your character played out is choosing it's death and after which the viewer realizes it has just seen the most beautiful play by none less than you. Though this experience you learn. At some deep level we are captured and imprisoned here by our own desires. Through evolution of Technology we are further captured as we give up our own abilities. There is a revolution to rise above this and regain our place in the heavens. Therein is the deeper meaning of Spirituality. The letting go of humanism to the demi-god state and beyond. --michael
Anonymous said…
Suppose you set up a website where people could enter a word or phrase whenever they felt it was important.

You could date-stamp the information and filter out any close repeats from the same IP - and bingo - you might have evidence of a global synchronicity!

David Bailey

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