A sharp-eyed reader found a mistake in a figure caption in Entangled Minds. The caption for Figure 3-1 had the genders reversed. The caption should read: "Average responses to questions about belief in unusual experiences, for women (black squares) and men (white diamonds), with error bars indicating the likely range of the 'true' average value."


Anonymous said…
oops! I hate when that happens...
Anonymous said…

I've got a question on the funnel plots.
When I look at the dream psi meta-analysis in your book, all individual studies have positive hit rates (allthough four of the earliest ones are not significant).

What I don't understand is how a funnel plot can show negative effect sizes for studies that have positive hit rates?

This probably just shows my incomplete understanding of effect sizes. Up to now I thought that positive hit rates had to correspond to positive effect sizes. How do I interpret an negative effect size?

Dean Radin said…
Figure 6-1 is a cumulative plot of the hit rate, and not a plot of each individual study's results. The dots on the funnel plot (Figure 6-2) show the results of each study separately.
Anonymous said…
Aha.. Thanks!
I must have read "cumulative" in the caption about 10 times, but still I didn't "see" it. Preconceived ideas die hard..


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