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I often receive emails from readers about their psi experiences. Here's one I received today from Paul H:

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Let me relate some interesting things that have happened to me in my 46 years. On at least two occasions I had a dream of a plane crash, every last detail, airline, city, etc. Two days before the crash I told my friends at work (I work in aviation ...) about the details. Sure enough it happened exactly as I described it.

Or when I was in the Air Force ..., I showed the guys a trick that freaked them out so badly I actually LOST friends. What I did was have myself and a friend sit facing each other with his left middle fingertip touching my right. Then I told him to shuffle a deck of cards. Then I told him to set it down and just think of the card. I got all 52 correct. It was NOT a trick, I could SEE the card in my mind like it was on a TV screen! Those guys never treated me the same.

Or, I had premonitions all four times when my grandparents died. I told my wife ahead of time.... Sure enough the phone rings and they tell me the one I had had the premonition about had died. Or how about this neat trick I used to show the guys at work ALL the time. I would have several of us climb up to the top of the tail dock which is about 70 feet high. Then I would tell them to point out a random guy working way down below. Then I would stare at him for several seconds and almost immediately he would instantly look up exactly into my eyes. The guys couldn't believe it. HOW does one feel the weight of another's stare?

I have had many more events like this. When I was a boy I would dream or predict things and I would tell my mother and when they came true she would beat me mercilessly. There's one last thing which I cannot tell you because you would think I was nuts so I'll let it go. If you are genuinely interested let me know and I will relate it to you.

Paul H.


M.C. said…
Very interesting. I would love to talk with Paul about his experiences sometime.
Dean Radin said…
Paul, please contact me by email. I'd like to read more about your experiences, and I suspect others who read this blog would also. These things are not often discussed publicly, which is a pity because it sustains a taboo that ought to be broken.

My address is
Anonymous said…
yeah but are they true? don't we need independent confirmation before we accept that these experiences really happened the way they are described?
Dean Radin said…
It would be nice to have independent confirmation of anecdotes, but that's usually not possible. Do the stories really happen the way they're told? We can't tell.

But it's useful to pay attention to these stories because while one doesn't tell us much, dozens of similar tales do. These experiences form the raw material from which laboratory experiments are designed. And from those studies we can tell whether in principle such experiences might be true.

In other words, without thousands of tales of telepathy, no one would ever had thought to study telepathy. My guess is that what we can measure in the lab is the tip of the iceberg of what goes on in real life.
Anonymous said…
Hi Dean, these experiences are everyday for some people. I learned as a young child to keep my mouth shut after losing friends due to my "knowing things" like Paul. The other kids even took to calling me "The Witch" which was very painfull for me as a child to cope with.
I have a friend of more than thirty years now who when he calls me me he says "You were thinking of me so I knew it was time to give you a call.
Another close friend calls it getting the "Tracy vibe" when she calls me.
This happens all the time with me and the people I care about.
Recently I signed up with because I felt an urgent need to get in touch with an old high school friend that I had lost track of a few years ago. We were very close for many years.
Sure enough he was on there too looking for me. He wanted me to know that his mother was dying.
His mom died the following week.
Another time that was interesting was when I went to visit my home town of Seattle a few years ago.
I kept thinking of my friend Mia,
so I called on a mutual friend of ours to see if he new where she was (she had been living in Rome).
When I called him and told him that I had been thinking of her the past two days could he tell me what she was up too. He was silent for a few seconds then he said He was sorry to tell me that she had died yesterday!
He said the funeral was tomarrow if I wanted to go he would call me back with the info on where it was to be held.
Well he forgot to call me back and I couldn't get ahold of anyone to tell me where it was.
My brother was with me and he said : "Trace,since when do you need an address? Just drive there like you do". (meaning when it is important I can usually just drive to a destination without knowing where it is).
So that is exactly what I did.
Seattle is a huge city whith god only knows how many churches but we made it just in time...
Dean Radin said…
One of the challenges faced in studying psi is capturing real-life motivations and moments, as described nicely by Spooks, but under preplanned conditions so we can answer Jeffrey's earlier question: Are the experiences what they appear to be?

To address the life vs. lab challenge, in 2004 we conducted a distant healing study designed to combine the real-life motivations of clinical studies, but within the controlled environment of the lab. We obtained strong evidence that intention can affect the nervous system of distant people, evidence much stronger than typically seen in lab studies of these effects. This doesn't mean that distant intention promotes improved healing per se. But it (and dozens of previous studies) does provide proof of principle that distant mind-body effects exist.

This study was so successful that we hope to follow it up with similar hybrid designs. The study will be submitted to publication later this summer (it has eight authors, so crafting a mutually acceptable paper takes time).
Anonymous said…
In fact one of them just called me and I'm talking to her right now!
- just a girl said…
Did you ever hear the story he didn't want to tell out of fear you'd think he was crazy??

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