A poignant psychic experience

A fascinating story from a reader who gave permission to use his real name.

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Dear Dr. Radin,

I have had a psychic experience of my own which involves your book, which I think you will find interesting.

My wife had been ill with cancer for about a year and was confined to bed. I had bought the book and left it on the living room table hoping to read it when I had the time.

Freda died and in my grief I tried to contact her, simply by holding the belief that this was indeed possible and visualising her while asking questions. I started to get very relevant answers and I was very intrigued.

I realised that the answers might be products of my imagination so I asked Freda to give me some proof that I really was in contact with her. After a while an inner voice said "Page 4". I replied "Page 4"of what?. The voice eventually came back "Entangled Minds". So (this was in the middle of the night) I got up and went downstairs to retrieve the book and turned to page 4 with anticipation. The page - as you know - contains only this poem, accompanied by an illustration:

All things by immortal power; Near and Far Hiddenly; To each other linked are; That thou canst not stir a flower; Without troubling of a star.

Remember, in life Freda had never even seen or known of the book - and I had never read it. Page 4 does not bear the number 4 so it is not possible that I have had peripheral or unconscious vision of the poem and page number while handling the book. Every other page in the book is dense with text that would have been difficult to yield a meaningful response to my question. I knew then with certainty and joy that I was indeed communicating with her.

Ross Hendry
The Book Shop, 14 South Street, Bridport DT6 3NQ, England. Visit our web site at www.dorsetbooks.com.


Anonymous said…
I hope Mr Dorset will continue to develop his abilities. He should keep doing what he did (believiing it's possible, visualizing his wife, and asking questions - this is exactly the right thing to do). An incarnated person working with a departed loved one can be a very effective team for the practice of mediumship. The emotional bond has been found to facilitate communication.
Unknown said…
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