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Finally, a practical use for PK

What is a measurement?

Nick Herbert , who wrote the classic book on interpreting quantum reality (appropriately titled, Quantum Reality ), blogged an interesting commentary on the nature of quantum measurement, and why it remains as mysterious as ever.

Job - Clinical (Transpersonal) Psychology

Posted on behalf of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology invites applicants for full-time and half-time core faculty Clinical Psychology positions. We are seeking applicants with a broad range of research and clinical experience. A candidate with research and dissertation advising skills may also serve as half-time Associate Dissertation Director. The positions are open until filled. Applicants should have a PhD in Clinical Psychology, be licensed or license eligible in California, be qualified to teach clinical psychology and to supervise students, and serve on dissertation committees in the residential (on-campus) Clinical PhD Program. Experience with APA accreditation is a plus. We invite applications from persons early in careers as well as those with more academic experience. Candidates with one or more of the following are particularly encouraged to apply: knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methods, whole perso

Magic mushrooms

Click here for a video of a "One Step Beyond" TV program from 1961 in which the host eats a magic mushroom and then conducts an ESP test.

What gorilla?

I've posted a commentary on Reality Sandwich .