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Talk at Aqus Cafe

This is a streaming video of an informal talk I gave recently at an Irish pub and cafe located near our office in Petaluma, California. The talk itself is about 40 minutes, followed by about an hour of Q&A.

Double slit experiment online

A beta version of our online double-slit experiment is now ready for testing at . This experiment tests the role of consciousness in the "collapse" of the quantum wavefunction. Please note that sometimes the system will not work properly, as we are continuing to work on the server. I am adding a note to the start page to inform users when the system is working or down for development. Our goal is to eventually have it working 24/7. It takes about 15 minutes to go through the written and video instructions, another few minutes to fill out a survey, and then the test itself lasts about 12 minutes. This test sends live data from the double-slit system in our lab directly into a Flash client in your web browser. As a result only one person can take the test at any given time. If you login for the test you may find that the server is already in use, but a message should inform you when the test will be available again. Please note: If your bro

The Symphony of Time - 2011 Science and Nonduality Conference

Video by Maurizio and Zaya Benazzo of Neti Neti Media.

Reality and the Extended Mind - Part 1

A portion of a film by Adrian Nelson

And now for something completely different


Handbook of Intuition Research

  Handbook of Intuition Research Edited by Marta Sinclair, Griffith University, Australia This groundbreaking interdisciplinary Handbook [soon to be released] showcases the latest intuition research, integrated in a framework that reconciles various views on what intuition is and how it works. The internationally renowned group of contributors presents their findings in five areas. Part I explores different facets of the intuiting process and its outcome, the role of consciousness and affect, and alternative ways of capturing intuition. Part II deals with its function in expertise, strategy, entrepreneurship, and ethics. Part III outlines intuitive decision making in critical occupations, the legal profession, medicine, the film and wine industries, and teaching. Part IV pushes the boundaries of our current understanding by exploring the possibility of non local intuition [my chapter in the book], based on the principles of quantum holography. Part V investigates different ways of

Atlantic University Parapsychology Conference in October 2011

Atlantic University Parapsychology Conference I'll be speaking at this conference along with Julie Beischel from the Windbridge Institute, Ed May of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research, Roger Nelson of the Global Consciousness Project, and other notables including Doug Richards, Carlos Alvarado, Christine Simmonds-Moore, Nancy Zingrone,  Henry Reed, John Palmer, James Carpenter, Robert Van de Castle, Ginette Nachman, Frank Pasciuti, Loyd Auerbach, David McMillin, and Stephen Braude. 

Windbridge Institute recruiting test participants

Are you interested in receiving a psychic reading as a volunteer in a scientific research study? The Windbridge Institute ( ) is seeking volunteers to act as psychic research reading recipients who will receive and score psychic readings about themselves. You must be 18 years or older, reside in the US, and have NOT experienced the death of any family members, romantic interests, or close friends during their lives. Individuals who have not lost anyone close to them are being specifically recruited to attempt to prevent deceased "drop-ins" during psychic readings for living participants. Psychics are not being recruited for this study. For more information and to complete an online pre-screening questionnaire, please visit:


Fringe-ology is journalist Steve Volk's attempt to reconcile a mysterious ghost story from his childhood with his lifelong, down to earth occupation as a journalist. His solution was to do journalism—to investigate that family ghost story, and other paranormal topics, in the high style of narrative nonfiction. What he found is a great tale that's been relegated to the fringe of our discourse for too long—a story about all of us, a story filled with ghosts, UFOs, maverick scientists, psychics, spoon-benders and the people who love and hate them. More importantly, he found common ground we can all share—a place for skeptics and believers, spiritualists and scientists, to stand together—not at the fringes, but at the heart of what it means to be human.

Live presentiment test on the Discovery Channel

My colleagues and I appear on an episode of "Through the Wormhole" on the Discovery Science channel. It will be repeated a number of times on the air, it will eventually will be viewable on the Discovery website, and it is available now on YouTube . Note that on YouTube you can find all of the segments of this show, each of which is 10 minutes in length. My piece is in Part 3. Discovery Science

AAAS Symposium on Quantum Retrocausation

I just finished my article for this upcoming symposium. Here's the abstract: Predicting the Unpredictable: 75 Years of Experimental Evidence Abstract. From time immemorial, people have reported foreknowledge of future events. To determine whether such experiences are best understood via conventional explanations, or whether a retrocausal phenomenon might be involved in some instances, researchers have conducted hundreds of controlled laboratory experiments over the past 75 years. These studies fall into four general classes, and each class has generated repeatable evidence consistent with retrocausation. The statistical results for a class of forced-choice studies is associated with odds against chance of about 10 24 ; for a class of free-response studies, odds about 10 20 ; for psychophysiological-based studies, odds about 10 17 ; and for implicit decision studies, odds about 10 10 . Effect sizes observed in the latter three classes are nearly identical, indicating replicati