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AAAS Symposium on Quantum Retrocausation

I just finished my article for this upcoming symposium. Here's the abstract: Predicting the Unpredictable: 75 Years of Experimental Evidence Abstract. From time immemorial, people have reported foreknowledge of future events. To determine whether such experiences are best understood via conventional explanations, or whether a retrocausal phenomenon might be involved in some instances, researchers have conducted hundreds of controlled laboratory experiments over the past 75 years. These studies fall into four general classes, and each class has generated repeatable evidence consistent with retrocausation. The statistical results for a class of forced-choice studies is associated with odds against chance of about 10 24 ; for a class of free-response studies, odds about 10 20 ; for psychophysiological-based studies, odds about 10 17 ; and for implicit decision studies, odds about 10 10 . Effect sizes observed in the latter three classes are nearly identical, indicating replicati