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Psi Debate at Harvard

On retrocausation, with Daryl Bem, Jonathan Schooler, and Sam Moulton. Thanks to MickeyD for mentioning this video.

SSE Meeting June 9 - 11, 2011

SOCIETY FOR SCIENTIFIC EXPLORATION 30th Annual Meeting , Boulder, Colorado 9-11 June 2011 Program Committee: Bill Bengston, Chair, Dick Blasband, Courtney Brown, Adam Curry, Brenda Dunne, Robert Jahn, Dominique Surel. Local Arrangements: Dominique Surel WEDNESDAY EVENING, June 8 - Millennium Hotel Gardens, Boulder, Colorado 6:00 pm - Opening Reception and Registration. Poster set-up THURSDAY MORNING, June 9 - Ballroom Theme I: IMPLICATIONS OF NON-LOCALITY 9:00 Welcome and Introductions 9:10 Pamela Rae Heath , Diverse Perspectives: What Distant Healing, Remote Viewing, and the Afterlife Suggest about Non-Locality 9:50 Jane Katra , After Death Communication Involving the Ongoing Work of Two Bonded Parapsychologist Healers 10:10 Walter Semkiw , Advances in Reincarnation Research: A Tribute to Ian Stevenson 10:30 Gary Schwartz , Photonic Measurement of Apparent Presence of Spirit using a Computer Automated System 10:50 BREAK 11:10 Larry Dossey , Precogn

Then and now

THEN: This video is from a TV program on the physics of mind-matter interaction, shown in the UK in the early 1980s. The interviewer's conclusion: "I think a scientist would have to be massively ignorant, or a confirmed bigot, to deny the evidence that the mind can make connections through space, time and matter in ways which probably have nothing to do with the ordinary senses. And also that he would find it difficult to deny that these strange effects are compatible with current thinking in physics, and may in the future become part of an extended science, in which they're no longer regarded as paranormal, but as normal." (Video uploaded by Brian Josephson.) NOW: This is a talk by Rupert Sheldrake at Cambridge University on February 9, 2011 . (Also uploaded courtesy Brian Josephson.)