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Fund for Research into Life after Death

The Helene Reeder Memorial Fund for Research into Life after Death. Announcement for grant 2010 The Helene Reeder Fund is pleased to announce the availability of grants for small and medium sized scientific research projects concerning the issue of Life after Death. Grants will be awarded in the range of EUR 500 – 5000 maximum. The topic Research into Life after Death should constitute the main objective of the project. Applications in English to be submitted by email to the HRF c/o should include: - detailed description of the project, including the objectives of the project, - methodology, - cost budget, - timetable, - plans to publish the results in some scientific journals, - CV of the applicant, - how the applicant plans to report back to the HRF about progress and result, - any other financing than from HRF. Applications should be received not later than 30th of October 2010. It is the intention of the HRF to evaluate the applications and to make

Brain Correlation Experiments

A reader asked for references to papers on EEG correlation experiments between isolated people. The following list may not be exhaustively complete, it is not in any particular order, and it includes a few fMRI studies. I am aware of at least one other published paper by Grinberg-Zilberbaum et al, but I don't have that reference handy. Study 5 is, I think, relevant but is not a psi study. 1. Achterberg, J., Cooke, K., Richards, T., Standish, L.J.,Leila Kozak, L. & Lake, J.. (2005). Evidence for Correlations Between Distant Intentionality and Brain Function in Recipients: a Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analysis. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 11, 6, 965–971. 2. Duane TD, Behrendt T. Extrasensory electroencephalographic induction between identical twins. Science 1965, 150-367.
 3. Grinberg-Zylberbaum, J. & Ramos, J. (1987). Patterns of interhemispheric correlation during human communication. International Journal of Neuroscience, 36, 41-53.


A reader emailed me this query: "This is an idea that a skeptic gave: "In ganzfeld studies, instead of 4 pictures, you start with 2 paired sets (formed randomly) of 4 pictures (8 pictures altogether) - each picture in one set is paired with a picture in the other set. One picture from one set is randomly selected as a target (both the target and set selection are random) for the sender. You go through all of the usual procedure. At the end, the receiver is randomly shown one set of 4 pictures - either the set which contained the target or the set which did not. The receiver then judges which picture was the target, as per the usual procedure. No feedback is given. It is a 'hit' if either picture in a pair was the target. Then you compare the number of hits when the same set of pictures was used for the sender and receiver vs. the number of hits when different sets of pictures were used for the sender and receiver. Everyone remains blind as to the condition throughout

Alex Tanous Scholarship Award

The Alex Tanous Scholarship Award of $500.00 is designed to offer assistance to a student attending an accredited college, university or who is participating in a Certificate in Parapsychological Studies program and or a Researcher who wishes to pursue the academic study and or research of the science related in the areas of physical and spiritual development including, but not limited to the development of creativity, creativity and healing and the teaching of creativity as well as research of anomalies, power of the mind/will, the elderly and developmentally challenged children and or sponsorship or co-sponsorship of a Conference/Study Group related to the areas stated above.
Here's information about a conference I'm speaking at in San Diego, in June: June 3-6, 2010 San Diego California Loews Coronado Bay Resort Click Here to Learn More, Download a Brochure or Register. Click to watch a youtube video about the conference Register before March 31st to save up to $120. Keynotes Dean Radin, PhD Author of the Conscious Universe William Bengston, PhD Researcher in Energy Healing of Cancer Norman Doige, MD Author of The Brain that Changes Itself Donna Eden Author of Energy Medicine David Feinstein, PhD Author of Energy Psychology Interactive Debbie Ford Author of The Secret of the Shadow
At the University of Allahabad, where I presented two talks at the Centre of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences. I also gave an interview for the Times of India newspaper. This Centre is engaged in world class cognitive science research. Impressive facilities, faculty, and research programs.
Here I am after receiving a bouquet of flowers prior to giving the annual National Visiting Professor talk at the Indian Council of Philosophical Research in Lucknow, India. I gave a second talk the following day. Both presentations were followed by many good questions and comments.
Here's a common site on the Delhi highways: Cars and buses whipping along at breakneck speed sharing the same lanes as a family pushing a bicycle cart loaded with something.
Here I am discussing a fine point to some of the SVYASA students and faculty after a talk. We are looking at a slide from my powerpoint lecture.
Posing with students after giving a talk to the philosophy department at Andhra University in Visakhapatnam, India.
This was a pleasant coincidence. About 30 km outside of Bangalore I gave a talk on testing the siddhis, as described in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, in Patanjali Hall at SVYASA (Swami Vivekananda Yoga College). This is one of the world's leading yoga research institutions, supported by the Indian government.
Here I am giving a lecture at the Asian Philosophy Conference held at JNU (Nehru University) in Delhi. This was the first time I've given a talk at a philosophy conference. I had many fine conversations with audience members afterwards.