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Psi wars at TED

Another reply, April 19, again on the Huffington Post . The latest (April 18, 2013) reaction, an excellent one, on the Huffington Post . The bottom line is that TED has made a tragic strategic mistake. --- Brought to my attention by Craig Weiler. "In this case, the brouhaha started when apparently skeptics by the names of Jerry Coyne and PZ Meyer tried to have a video by parapsychologist Rupert Sheldrake removed from TED talks because they felt he was unscientific...." See Craig's blog for the full story:  The psi wars come to TED Or here for the TED site discussion , which shows the furor evoked by TED's censorship. Or here for a discussion about this topic on the Daily Grail . Or here for a "big picture" opinion by Craig Weiler . This episode is just another shameful example of the psi taboo at work. It is promulgated by small-minded, loud-mouthed "skeptics" who intimidate editors with bullying tactics. And now this, wh

Another interview

My talk at the Electric Universe conference in January 2013