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Double slit experiment online

A beta version of our online double-slit experiment is now ready for testing at . This experiment tests the role of consciousness in the "collapse" of the quantum wavefunction. Please note that sometimes the system will not work properly, as we are continuing to work on the server. I am adding a note to the start page to inform users when the system is working or down for development. Our goal is to eventually have it working 24/7. It takes about 15 minutes to go through the written and video instructions, another few minutes to fill out a survey, and then the test itself lasts about 12 minutes. This test sends live data from the double-slit system in our lab directly into a Flash client in your web browser. As a result only one person can take the test at any given time. If you login for the test you may find that the server is already in use, but a message should inform you when the test will be available again. Please note: If your bro